Commuting & Working

According to the American Public Transportation Association: - 10.7 billion: Number of trips Americans took in public transport in 2013 - the highest number since the 50's, when few had their own cars. - 40 percent: Reduction in U.S. reliance on foreign oil that would occur if one in ten Americans used public transportation daily. - 7: Number of times safer that riding a bus is over riding in your own automobile. - 450: Millions of gallons saved from people taking public transportation each year. This is roughly the energy needed to power ¼ of all American homes annually. - 6,000: Difference in pounds of global warming pollution that a diesel school bus emits over a natural gas school bus. - 20 percent: Carbon monoxide emissions saved if one in five Americans rode public transportation daily; the savings would be greater than the combined emissions from all chemical manufacturing and metal processing industries. Today more and more cities like by example York in the UK offer a free WiFi in all buses.With the iMoov products, it's never been so easy to start your daily work @the bus stop.